What's Up in #GENeva this week?

22 October - 28 October 2018


International lead poisoning prevention week of action

From 21 to 27 October 2018, the International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week (ILPPW) will provide an opportunity for organizations and institutions around the world to focus attention on lead. ILPPW takes place every year. The theme of this year's ILPPW is the need for individuals, civil society organizations, industry and governments to work together to ban lead paint.

Lead poisoning is preventable, yet lead exposure accounted for 540 000 deaths and 13.9 million years lost to disability and death due to long-term effects on health, with the highest burden in developing regions (2016 data).

IUCN 70th Anniversary

IUCN is celebrating its 70th anniversary in 2018 and, with growing momentum to meet ambitious global goals, the wind toward sustainable development is finally at our backs. But there is no time to lose. Species are going extinct at alarming rates. Climate change is threatening communities, economies and the ecosystems on which they depend.

Don't miss Monday evening the conversation marking the Swiss celebration of the 70th Anniversary of IUCN, which will examine the need for bold leadership to secure a healthy 2020-2030 decade. If we get biodiversity right, we can get 2030 right.

Greening with Jobs, the Geneva social good summit & more on the Agenda

Check the list below to see the other events taking place this week in Geneva as well as the job opportunities in the region.


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Agenda /

The events taking place this week

International lead poisoning prevention week of action

21 October - 27 October

Paint containing lead additives poses risks to health from poisoning and environmental contamination.


to the 2030 Agenda

22 October

IUCN 70th Anniversary event examining the need for bold leadership to secure a healthy 2020-2030 decade.
If we get biodiversity right,
we can get 2030 right. 

Auditorium Ivan Pictet
Maison de la paix

Espoo Convention


22 October - 23 October

The Convention sets out the obligations of Parties to assess the environmental impact of certain activities at an early stage of planning.

Palais des Nations

World Investment Forum 2018

22 October - 26 October

Organized under the overall theme Investing in Sustainable Development.

Palais des Nations

UN EMG Nexus Dialogue - Greening with Jobs: A Just Transition to Sustainability

23 October

Foster support by both public and private stakeholders for social justice in the fight for environmental sustainability.


Social Good Summit Geneva

23 October

Bringing together high-level decision makers to forge partnerships for the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Credit Suisse Forum Genève

Accelerate 2030
SDG Factory

24 October

“Unlikely allies for the SDGs” - Bringing together key players and innovators to explore how we can successfully scale entrepreneurial solutions for a sustainable future.

Impact Hub Geneva

15th Joint Task Force on Environmental Statistics and Indicators

25 October - 26 October

Assists the countries of Eastern and South - Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia with their environmental data.

Palais de Nations


Vacancies /

Job opportunities in the region



International Trade Center

Global Plastics Action Partnership


World Economic

and Communications

Deadline 22 October

International Institute for Sustainable Development

Work Programme Coordinator

Deadline 23 October

Group on Earth Observations Secretariat

Technical Officer
(Climate Change and Health) P4

Deadline 24 October

World Health

de Projet


Deadline 30 October

de Genève

Environment Affairs


Deadline 1 November

Basel, Rotterdam and Stockholm Conventions Secretariat

Associate Project Officer


Deadline 9 November

World Meteorological

Congress Logistics


Deadline 11 November

International Union for Nature Conservation

Forum Deputy


Deadline 11 November

International Union for Nature Conservation

Manager, New Energy Solutions

Deadline 12 November

World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Chief, Communication and Public Affairs Office


Deadline 13 November

World Meteorological