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Geneva Green Guide

City of Geneva

City of Geneva,

Agenda 21 – Sustainable City service

5, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville

1211 Genève 3

(+41 22) 418 22 86
(+41 22) 418 22 51

What is it? The City of Geneva is the Canton’s largest municipality (population 190,000). It is the political level closest to citizens, as well as a large public administration. 4,000 city employees provide services such as the construction and maintenance of buildings and parks, a broad selection of cultural activities and sports, local security, street cleaning and quality childcare facilities, among others. In all these areas, the City is committed to sustainable approaches.

 The Administrative Council (Conseil administratif) represents the City and manages its public administration. Elected every five years, this executive body is composed of members from different political parties. Each Councillor is in charge of a department: Finances and housing (Département des finances et du logement), Construction and planning (Département des constructions et de l’aménagement), Culture and sport (Département de la culture et du sport), Urban environment and security (Département de l’environnement urbain et de la sécurité), and Social cohesion and solidarity (Département de la cohésion sociale et de la solidarité). A member of the Administrative Council is  chosen each year to be Mayor.  A Municipal Council  (Conseil muncipal) composed of 80 elected members votes the annual budget.


National and local government
Administrative Council

What does it do? In terms of sustainable development, the City of Geneva signed the Aalborg Charter in 1995 and set up a first Agenda 21 unit in 2001. In the Administrative councils 2015-2020 roadmap it is written: «The Administrative council supports the development of a sustainable city. Welcoming, innovative, committed and ecological, Geneva will respond to 21st century challenges.”

The Agenda 21 – Sustainable City service aims to implement this systemic and inclusive vision, within the municipal administration and throughout its activities and services to the population. It ensures the City keeps up with its commitments and develops innovative pilot projects.

Its expertise covers five areas:

-       « Ville durable »: Coordination and communication of the municipal sustainability strategy, participation in indicator schemes, campaigns to promote sustainability, secretariat of the G’innove program.

-       « Economie et emploi »: Supporting local economic activities, in particular the social and solidarity sector, Feed the city programme, Repair, don’t throw campaign, socio-professional  integration, apprenticeship fund. 

-       « Egalité et diversité »: Promotion of equality, regardless of gender, origin or sexual orientation, and diversity policy.

-       « La ville est à vous »: Coordination of neighbourhood events, which promote exchange and resident participation in local life.

-       «Délégation Genève Ville Solidaire » : finances international cooperation and solidarity projects.




with numerous public and private organisations, at the local, regional and international level, including UNEP. It is represented in several official commissions and networks and regularly collaborates with academia.


Feuille de route du Conseil administratif 2015-2020  (in French only)

Newsletter (registration page; in French only)

These publications are available online or by request (contact info below).


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