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The Geneva's Green Guide

The Green Guide is designed to be a practical desk reference for Geneva-based organizations involved in environmental and sustainable development issues. Maintained by the Geneva Environment Network (GEN) with the generous assistance of the Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, the guide is available since 2001 in both French and English. It was preceded by the guide - Geneva and the Environment - published from 1992 by Michael Foley Associates, the former International Academy of the Environment and the State of Geneva.

The aim of the Green Guide is to foster cooperation on environmental issues. The handbook profiles organizations and provides the information necessary for making the initial contact:

  • It offers practical information for each organization, such as address, telephone number, fax number, email address, website, date of establishment, number of staff and current person in charge;
  • It distills the nature of each organization’s work into one- or two-paragraph summaries.


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