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Upcoming events

Exhibition "Art for Smart Sustainable Cities" 05/10/2015 (All day) - 24/10/2015 (All day)
UNECE 2nd Session Group of Experts on Renewable Energy 12/10/2015 (All day) - 13/10/2015 (All day)
Course on Climate change: Security Challenges and Solutions 12/10/2015 (All day) - 16/10/2015 (All day)
Nansen Initiative Intergovernmental Global Consultation on the Protection Agenda 12/10/2015 (All day) - 13/10/2015 (All day)
UNECE 26th Meeting of the Expert Group on Environment Performance Reviews 12/10/2015 (All day) - 14/10/2015 (All day)
Decent work and just transition to address climate change 12/10/2015 - 10:30 - 12:00
GEN Event
L’exposition "60 solutions face au changement climatique" 13/10/2015 (All day) - 20/10/2015 (All day)
UNECE Potential of Renewable Energies – GERE Workshop 14/10/2015 (All day)
Conférences sur le réchauffement climatique à Genève: et si la solution passait par le désinvestissement? 14/10/2015 (All day) - 01/12/2015 (All day)
Partner Event
Joint UNECE/OECD Seminar on Implementation of the System of Environmental Economic Accounting (SEEA) 14/10/2015 - 09:00 - 15/10/2015 - 17:30
L’aide publique suisse sous toutes ses coutures: les acteurs, la vision et les priorités pour l’Afrique 15/10/2015 - 18:30
FAO Exhibition: "Healthy soils for a healthy life" 16/10/2015 - 12:00
UNECE Special session – Committee on Forests and the Forest Industry 19/10/2015 (All day) - 23/10/2015 (All day)
UNECE 12th meeting of the Compliance Committee under the Protocol on Water and Health 19/10/2015 (All day) - 20/10/2015 (All day)
UNECE 8th meeting of the Working Group on Water and Health 21/10/2015 (All day) - 22/10/2015 (All day)
UNECE 15th meeting of the Bureau of the Protocol on Water and Health 23/10/2015 (All day)
70th anniversary of the United Nations - Open Day 24/10/2015 (All day)
Festival FILMAR en América Latina 2015 24/10/2015 (All day) - 26/10/2015 (All day)
International Lead Poisoning Prevention Week 25/10/2015 (All day) - 31/10/2015 (All day)
GEN Event
Intergovernmental Forum on Mining and Sustainable Development 26/10/2015 (All day) - 30/10/2015 (All day)
UNECE Meeting of the Bureau of the Committee on Environmental Policy (CEP Bureau) 26/10/2015 (All day)
ECE Committee on Environmental Policy 27/10/2015 (All day) - 30/10/2015 (All day)
Healthy and Just Cities for Children and Youth 28/10/2015 (All day)
Strengthening the contribution of forests and forest certification to the Green Economy 28/10/2015 - 12:00 - 14:00
GEN Event
Forum International des Partenariats Public-Privé pour le Développement Durable 29/10/2015 (All day) - 30/10/2015 (All day)
UNECE 11th Session Group of Experts on Cleaner Electricity Production from Fossil Fuels 30/10/2015 (All day)
UNECE 71st Session of the Working Party on Agricultural Quality Standards (WP.7) 02/11/2015 (All day) - 04/11/2015 (All day)
UNECE Joint Task Force on Environmental Indicators 03/11/2015 (All day) - 04/11/2015 (All day)
UNECE 2nd Session Group of Experts on Energy Efficiency 05/11/2015 (All day) - 06/11/2015 (All day)
UNECE Integrated Energy Systems 17/11/2015 (All day)